Welcome to our website D Emmerson Timber, your supplier of wonderfully turned wooden products, selected wood for your wood turning needs, firewood and kindling for your woodburner or fire and other timber products are also available on request.

D Emmerson Timber is a family run business situated in Lincolnshire, run by Dave and Dan Emmerson a father and son team . Dave Emmerson has been in the timber business all his working life as his father was a timber merchant before him, Dave brings over forty years of experience working with various kinds of timber and has always saved quality selections of timber he has come across in his sawmilling and firewood business . 

Dave became interested in woodturning and how these quality pieces of timber could be transformed into amazing pieces of art and craft and set about learning how to become a proficient woodturner. When Dan was still at school he also showed an interest in learning how to turn and soon became very skilled in the art and craft of woodturning.

When Dan left school he decided he wanted to make a career out of his woodturning skills and joined Dave in the family business . Dave and Dan sell their woodturned items at various galleries throughout the United Kingdom and on the internet .

Selling wood for other wood turners to turn, became a bigger part of D Emmerson Timber's business as Dave and Dan saved timber they thought was too special to just be processed into firewood. D Emmerson Timber's customers can buy quality wood for turning over the internet delivered by courier or make an appointment by email or telephone to visit D Emmerson Timber and see the quality of wood being saved for woodturners to produce wonderfull pieces of art and craft.

D Emmerson Timber supplies many satisfied customers with logs and firewood to heat their homes, kindling is also available and delivered with their own transport.

D Emmerson Timber has their own bandsaw and can produce other timber products if required.
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